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THA Hospital Improvement Innovation Network—HIIN (Previously HEN)—Commit Now

Because of the tremendous success of the Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network (HEN), CMS has renewed the program for an additional 36 months under a new name, HIIN—Hospital Improvement Innovation Network.

While THA has been an independent HEN since 2011, THA elected to apply for the continued contract with the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Research Education Trust (HRET), to be able to bring added benefit to our network of hospitals. As part of the HRET HIIN, THA joins 31 other state hospital associations and a network of over 1,700 hospitals.

The transition to THA HIIN will be seamless for hospitals, as there is no lag between programs, and the data measures are consistent. THA HIIN hospitals will continue to enjoy the same benefits of belonging to THA’s network but will now have access to national experts and resources, evidence-based bundles and toolkits, state and national benchmarking, and other features.

THA needs hospitals to confirm their membership in the THA HIIN by signing a commitment form. A link to benefits of membership is below with a HRET HIIN flyer. 

For more information, contact Patrice Mayo at pmayo@tha.com

Medication Safety Summit on Antibiotic Stewardship
Thursday, November 17 at THA

THA is hosting our second annual Medication Safety Summit on Thursday, November 17th from 9:00am-2:30pm CST at THA’s Virginia Way Conference Center, 5201 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN. This year’s focus will be on antibiotic stewardship, and all hospitals are encouraged to invite their multi-disciplinary antibiotic stewardship team to attend this conference together. In particular, the conference will be of value to pharmacists, infection prevention, physician champions for antibiotic stewardship, nursing leaders, and quality directors. 

Antibiotic resistant infections have become one of the key threats to health in the United States and threaten the ability of healthcare providers to fight infectious diseases. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that 20-50% of all antibiotics prescribed in the U.S. acute care hospitals are either unnecessary or inappropriate. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are deemed to be a patient safety issue as well as public health issue, thus making it a national priority, garnering attention and the focus for new regulatory requirements from CMS and The Joint Commission.  

The summit will provide a platform to identify gaps related to antibiotic stewardship both nationally and statewide, address the recently released accreditation standards, and develop Tennessee-specific strategies to implement or improve the Antibiotic Stewardship Program within hospitals. The summit will be led by Deborah Pasko, Pharm.D., Director of Medication Safety and Quality for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Registration is required, but the meeting is free of charge. Lunch will be provided, and mileage will be reimbursed. Register now, using the link below. For more information, contact Jackie Moreland at jmoreland@tha.com









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August 2010 - Blue Cross Gives Patient Safety Center $2.9 Million Grant

The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation has announced it will make a $2,991,660 grant to help fund the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety (TCPS) over the next three years, furthering hospital patient safety and quality improvement efforts across Tennessee.  Click here to read the full press release.