About the TN Center for Patient Safety

The mission of the TCPS is to advance Tennessee hospitals’ adoption of proven strategies that enhance the reliability, safety and quality of care patients receive. TCPS provides extensive education, resources and direct support to hospitals to achieve better outcomes.

Committed to Zero-Preventable Harm

The THA Board of Directors established its commitment to patient safety in December 2009 by adopting a board aim of zero preventable harm for Tennessee hospitals. The THA Board of Directors is committed to transparency and shares hospital-specific performance data at board meetings.

Participation in state, national and association-based quality improvement programs and initiatives for 2023 include:
  • CMS Hospital Quality Improvement Collaborative (HQIC) with Cynosure Health targeting small and rural hospitals
  • Maternal care grant funded by the Tennessee Department of Health
  • Strategies to reduce healthcare-associated infections
  • Building staff knowledge and skills for patient safety and quality improvement
  • Health equity
  • THA Sepsis Collaborative
  • Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative
  • Healthcare workforce staffing and innovative solutions

Key Contacts


Making Safe, Quality Care Top Priority.

The Tennessee Hospital Association’s Tennessee Center for Patient Safety (TCPS) was launched in 2007 to advance the adoption of proven evidence-based strategies that improve the reliability, safety, and quality of care received in Tennessee hospitals. The Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) Board of Directors is committed to a board aim of zero preventable harm. The TCPS staff provides support to hospitals through education, coaching, site visits, best practice sharing, expert resources, and matching hospital mentors with hospitals on improvement efforts.