The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety is committed to working with its members to improve hospital sepsis care and associated patient outcomes. Sepsis is the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals.1

The goal of TCPS is to spread evidence-based sepsis interventions. TCPS will assist hospitals in implementing early recognition sepsis screening and standardized sepsis treatment protocols and to reduce severe sepsis readmission and mortality rates in TN.

1Liu V, Escobar GJ, Greene JD, et al. Hospital Deaths in
Patients With Sepsis From 2 Independent Cohorts. JAMA. 2014; 312(1):90-92.

THA Sepsis Collaborative Time to Antibiotic Roadmap

The THA Sepsis Collaborative developed the Time to Antibiotic Roadmap in August 2022. A growing body of evidence suggests that timely antibiotic administration is associated with reduced sepsis mortality. This roadmap provides a simple guide and resources for improving antibiotic timeliness. Please download this resource and share with others at your facility to assist in efforts to reduce sepsis mortality.

Other Resources

THA Sepsis Collaborative

The THA Sepsis Collaborative was formed in April 2017 in response to the Tennessee Hospital Association’s goal to reduce sepsis mortality in Tennessee. This diverse group of healthcare professionals, from physicians to data abstractors, convenes regularly for professional networking, shared learning, and discussion of best practices.

The Collaborative reviews new sepsis-related evidence and guidelines, discusses solutions to challenges, and shares innovative strategies to promote excellence in hospital sepsis care.

The Collaborative is united in its mission to #StopSepsis.

YouTube Channel

As part of Sepsis Awareness Month 2020, the THA Sepsis Collaborative launched a YouTube channel. The channel supports the Sepsis Collaborative’s goal of reducing sepsis mortality in Tennessee. View the THA Sepsis Collaborative YouTube channel and subscribe to get the latest updates.

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