Patient and Family Engagement


  1. Implementation of a planning checklist for patients being admitted
  2. Shift change huddles and bedside reporting
  3. Designation of a person or functional area as responsible for PFE
  4. Having an active PFE Committee or other committee with patient representation
  5. One or more patient representatives serving on the hospital board of directors or other leadership committee

Patient and Family Engagement Networking Group

To join the Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) networking group, please contact Patrice Mayo at 615-401-7434.


Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) Events


PFE Workshops

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety has invited Sorrel King to Tennessee on different occasions to talk with CEOs, CMOs, other hospital leaders and staff about patient safety. In February 2001, Sorrel’s daughter, Josie King, died as a result of medical errors. This tragic event led Sorrel to create the Josie King Foundation. 

98,000 people die every year from medical errors, making it the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. 

The Josie King Foundation’s mission is to prevent others from dying or being harmed by medical errors. The Foundation works to make hospitals safer and to prevent future patient medical errors. Sorrel unites healthcare providers and consumers in hopes of creating a culture of patient safety, together. 

Click below to visit the Josie King Foundation website. 

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Patient and Family Engagement