Jackie Moreland Speaks – Patient Safety Awareness Week 2022

"Patient Safety means doing the right things for the right reason." - Jackie Moreland Speaks to Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Staff

During Patient Safety Awareness Week Jackie Moreland spoke to Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare staff to answer the following questions: 

  • What does patient safety mean to you?
  • What does your organization do to promote patient safety?
  • What recommendations do you have for healthcare leaders, hospitals, and health systems? 
  • How can healthcare leaders, hospitals, and health systems support THA’s mission? 

Jackie discussed her career and the strategies she employed to be a safer healthcare provider in the ICU, in neurosurgery, and at the bedside before she began work as a Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist at THA. A few examples include listening and hearing more than talking, remembering how she would want to be treated as a patient, and being willing to learn innovative methods of caregiving. Jackie discussed how important it is for healthcare leaders to be present for their teams and coordinate opportunities for focused improvement and team sharing. Leaders need to celebrate both the big successes and the small ones to better engage staff. While these improvement strategies are not always simple to employ, Jackie says, “Patient safety means doing the right things for the right reason.” 

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety (TCPS) exists to help Tennessee hospitals provide safe, quality care. The safety center works to provide hospitals with education and resources to help them with their patient safety work. Jackie reminds all THA member hospitals to share their needs with TCPS and offer how TCPS can best help. We are all in this together!