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The Tennessee Hospital Association PSO subcontractedECRI/ISMP PSO to provide a secure web portal for data collection, event analysis, and event reports with comparison data at the facility, PSO, and ECRI/ISMP PSO aggregate level. In addition, members of the THA PSO have access to the following special services:

  • Critique/feedback and learning across facilities from de-identified RCAs
  • Submit one or more RCAs to ECRI for detailed analysis and feedback of the RCA process. 

Submit questions or topics to ECRI analysts for a review of existing literature, guidelines, standards, and best practices. This resource is useful when updating a policy, considering a new procedure or type of equipment, or needing fresh ideas for resolving a persistent quality/safety challenge.  

  • Safe Tables provide a confidential environment in which representatives from PSO member organizations can convene and discuss key patient safety topics.  Key learnings and recommendations are aggregated from the Safe Table and disseminated to all THA PSO members.

  • The IHI Open School is an on-line quality and safety curriculum provided free-of-charge to health professions students, university faculty, and medical residents. The Open School offers a range of online courses in the areas of quality improvement, patient safety, patient and family-centered care, managing health care operations, and leadership.
  • Quarterly webinars to update PSO members of any changes, educate members on different PSO-related topics, and share learnings from PSO data.
  • Personalized support in establishing internal systems for PSO participation
  • Safety event database with facility, THA PSO, and ECRI/ISMP PSO aggregate levels
  • AHRQ Culture of Safety survey

For more information on any of the services, please contact Kari Ellis at 615-401-7427.

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