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In an effort to help healthcare organizations advance patient safety through learning from adverse events, the federal government established patient safety organizations (PSOs) via the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA). In the PSO program, member organizations voluntarily share adverse event information to a PSO for aggregation and analysis. The reported information, known as ‘patient safety work product (PSWP)’, receives federal confidentiality and privilege protection. As PSOs analyze adverse event information from multiple organizations, they gain insights into common contributing factors, event trends, and key learnings that are then shared with PSO member organizations through personal feedback, development of guidelines, or education offerings such as publications, webinars, and inservices.

About Us

The Tennessee Hospital Association PSO is a federally certified patient safety organization under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) serving 61 member organizations. To enhance services for members, the THA PSO subcontracted ECRI Institute PSO to provide a secure warehouse for reported safety event information and assist with data analysis, member feedback, and education offerings.  This gives THA PSO members the benefit of local support and access to resources from a long-standing, well-regarded healthcare safety organization.  Because ECRI Institute PSO is a subcontractor for several PSOs, they provide a multi-PSO safety event database to which individual PSO member organizations can compare their aggregate information. The THA PSO program is available to hospitals and other health care providers.

THA PSO Services

  • Personalized support in establishing internal systems for PSO participation
  • Secure web portal for data collection, reports, education, and other resources
  • Safety event database with facility, THA PSO, and ECRI Institute PSO aggregate levels
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) critique/feedback and learning across facilities from de-identified RCAs
  • Quarterly patient safety advisory newsletters
  • Webinars and education on high-interest patient safety topics
  • Custom literature reviews by ECRI Institute analysts
  • AHRQ Culture of Safety survey
  • IHI Open School courses

How to Join

Hospitals or other healthcare providers that wish to participate in the THA PSO Program must sign a PSO Membership Agreement and pay an annual fee. Tennessee-based regional healthcare systems may join as a system, including hospitals located in border states.  For more information, please contact Rhonda Dickman, 615-401-7404, rdickman@tha.com.


Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

This website contains valuable resources from the federal organization that oversees patient safety organizations (PSOs). Key items include the list of nationally certified PSOs, a variety of education materials, FAQs about PSOs, and the list of Common Formats.

ECRI Institute PSO

Utilize this secure web portal to report patient safety work product to the Tennessee Hospital Association PSO and access PSO member services and resources. A username and password are required and can be obtained from Rhonda Dickman with the THA PSO.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Act of 2005
Patient Safety Rule
Tennessee Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Act of 2011
HHS Guidance Regarding Patient Safety Work Product and Providers' External Obligations

PSO Contact

Rhonda Dickman
Phone:  (615) 401-7404
Email:   rdickman@tha.com

Chris Clarke
Phone:  (615) 401-7437
Email:   cclarke@tha.com

Kari Ellis
Phone:  (615) 401-7427
Email:   kellis@tha.com