Data Reporting 

The THA/TCPS collects a variety of data from hospitals across the state, including healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), healthcare-acquired conditions (HAC) and OB early elective delivery (EED) data. These data are part of statewide efforts to reduce patient harm. The data collected serves as a valuable tool for hospital benchmarking and other data analysis.

Data entry should be completed each month within 30 days following the end of the reporting month. (Example: January 2014 data should be reported by February 28, 2014.)

Note: If you have conferred rights to your hospital's healthcare-associated infections (HAI) data to THA/TCPS via NHSN, THA staff will pull those data from NHSN at the beginning of each month.

Click here for a copy of the data reporting schedule/checklist.


You can now find all measures in the Encyclopedia of Measures.

Data Entry in Report Distributor

We took the opportunity of our first HEN contract ending to reevaluate our measures and data collection tools. Through hospital staff surveys and collaboration with topic experts and task forces, we've determined measures that we believe are both easier to collect and more applicable to the work. We also realized that the tool we used to collect data could use an update, so as we worked on updating the measures, we moved the collection to Report Distributor.

Report Distributor is a system that requires a login. Through Report Distributor, you may also be able to see feedback reports or graphs, depending on your access permissions. If you need a login or to increase your permissions, have someone in leadership at your facility contact Jennifer McIntosh at 615-401-7421 to confirm what your permissions should be.

Click here for a copy of the guide to submitting data through report distributor.

THA Report Distributor

THA/TCPS provides data feedback each month via the THA Report Distributor. To log into the Report Distributor and view your leadership scorecard and data trends click the link below.
here to be directed to the THA Report Distributor
Forgot your username and/or password or need to get access to view your data? Please contact Jennifer McIntosh at 615-401-7421.

THA Data Contact

Jennifer McIntosh
Clinical Quality Data Manager

Measures and Topic Leads

Click here for an detailed listing of the THA/TCPS measures and topic lead information.


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