Transforming Health Care through Cultural Competence at the Bedside: Creating Collaborative Partnerships between Pediatric & Academic Nurses
Cindy Abraham, RN-CPN                                               
Nurse Manager, 2nd Medical, East Tennessee Children's Hospital
Sandra J Mixer, PhD, RN, CTN-A, Assistant Professor, UTK
Rebecca Davidson, MSN, RN, Nursing Coordinator-ETCH, Instructor, Lincoln Memorial University, and PhD student Capella University
Polly M. McArthur, PhD, RN, Clinical Faculty-UTK
Krystle Silva, BSN, RN, Staff Nurse-ETCH, MSN student Carson Newman University
Renee Burk PhDc, RN, FNP-BC, Doctoral student-UTK, Assistant Professor King College
Debra Sharp, RN, ASN, Staff Nurse-ETCH, Bachelor of Science

To augment family-centered care, a nurse manager sought a nursing theory to implement on her unit. A doctoral student from the state university in the same city recommended Leininger's Culture Care Theory as a model to consider and suggested a faculty member as a resource. A creative partnership grew rapidly between nurse managers and practice nurses at the children's hospital and faculty and graduate students at the college of nursing. Staff was trained using the Health Resources and Services Administration cultural competence grant project # D11-HPO9759. To ensure actualization of cultural competence education in nursing care and to address cultural practice challenges specific to the unit, the pediatric and academic partners planned a research study. The research from this collaboration addresses the health disparities experienced by Hispanic and underserved Caucasian children and families in this region.



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