Reduction of Hospital-Acquired MRSA
Heather Jett, MS, BS, RN, PCCN                                    
Clinical Nurse Manager - Parkwest Medical Center

In our partnership with VHA, our baseline rate of hospital-acquired MRSA was 0.58 per 1000 patient days compared to VHA's aggregate baseline of 0.33 per 1000 patient days. This gap in incidence facilitated the organization to enroll in a VHA collaborative initiative to reduce hospital acquired MRSA infections by 40% over a three year period. A taskforce was formed in 2008 to facilitate evaluation, approval, and subsequent implementation of the Community MRSA Policy to standardize isolation practices. The team met at least monthly and established a plan to decrease MRSA infections in 4 phases; Hand Hygiene, Active Surveillance on pilot inpatient nursing unit, Active Surveillance on high-risk surgical patients, and implementation of MRSA safety bundle. The team discussions always included the lessons learned via the weekly conference calls with VHA which provided valuable coaching of what was working well at other hospitals.


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