Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP)
Sharon Monday, MS, BSN, RN, CNAA-BC                      
Manager Clinical Improvement and Compliance - Parkwest Medical Center

The pressure ulcer prevention team was challenged to maintain an overall pressure ulcer rate of less than or equal to 2.4 for 2010. The Patient Safety Officer further challenged the team to reduce the incidence of Stage III, IV, Unstageable, and Suspected Deep Tissue Injury hospital acquired ulcers by another 25%. In 2009 multiple strategies were successfully implemented to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired pressure ulcers. Sustaining results needed to be continued to minimize patient harm. Challenges included maintaining consistent practices, ensuring new staff aware and competent of approved practice and products, and maintaining high priority focus with inpatient unit staff and managers. To ensure sustainability of prior improvements two direct approaches were utilized: maintain awareness of initiatives and practice changes as well as identify additional opportunities through continuous process improvement utilizing PDSA.


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