How Did We Get Here?
Pat Joly, RN, BS                                                            
Neuroscience Service Line Administrator - Erlanger Health System

Stroke has become a major health burden in the United States with over 700,000 strokes occurring each year. In recent years, in an effort to improve patient outcomes and prevent secondary strokes, ten evidence-based stroke quality and performance measures have been developed and implemented. The challenge for hospitals is implementation, data collection, and showing improvement in the percentages of these measures. This project demonstrates the steady rise in the percentages of the stroke care measures and identifies the strategies which resulted in the improvement in the quality of care for our patients. Identifying the challenges of providing quality stroke care, collaborating to develop solutions and demonstrating the positive results was empowering for not only the team as a whole but for individual members, as well. As processes were modified and changed over the last four years to improve quality of care, the organizational culture evolved to one of performance excellence.


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