Falls Reduction Clinical Program Review
Lisa Edwards, RN, BSN, MSA                                                   lisa.edwards@mlh.org
Administrative Director of Medical/Surgical Services - Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Reduce the number of falls and reduce the risk of harm from falls for hospitalized patients. In 2009 the hospital implemented an initiative to reduce the total number of patient falls by 50%. All hospitalized patients were included in the target population. An interactive fall risk assessment and risk scale was developed for the EMR. Specific fall prevention interventions, signage, communication, and handoff are included in the preventive efforts. Immediate post fall assessments, interventions, huddles, and notifications are included in the post fall efforts. A clinical manager immediately reports to each fall to conduct the post fall safety huddle. All hospital staff, patients, and families were educated on fall risk factors, signage, and their role in fall prevention. This program was implemented at the unit level, each unit actively monitors, reports and tracks unit falls.


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