Effectiveness of a Therapist Driven Protocol
Robert Farmer, RRT, RCP                                                        robert.farmer@mlh.org
Supervisor - Methodist Extended Care Hospital

The intended outcome was to decrease patient days on the ventilator with a by product of decreased length of stay. Our patient population age group ranges from 18-90 years of age to date. Patientā€™s admitting diagnosis range from CHF, severe COPD exacerbation and post op respiratory failure. We divided our population into two groups, 18-64 years of age and 65-90 years of age. Statistical data does not show a significant separation in weaning success across the two groups. The 18-64 year old group averages 7.8 ventilator days, while the 65-90 year old group averages 10.3 ventilator days. With this information we are able to conclude, that the therapist driven protocol is effective across a broad spectrum of patients served.


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