Discharge Communication Form Yields Improved Communication among Providers and Minimized Unnecessary Patient Re-admissions.
Terry Sedgwick, MSN                                                              terry.sedgwick@wellmont.org
Charge Nurse-Acute Inpatient Hemodialysis Unit - Wellmont Health System

The initial goal of the project was to improve communication between Acute Inpatient Hemodialysis Unit and Outpatient Hemodialysis Providers for End-Stage Renal Disease patients on hemodialysis. The result was improved patient care, improved transition among providers and minimized unnecessary patient re-admissions. There was also decrease in duplication of services and waste of resources. In months prior to this project, the Outpatient Hemodialysis Providers only received information about hospitalization, twenty percent of the time. A new Discharge Communication Form was developed via Inpatient Hemodialysis QAPI committee using the SBAR format to share critical information. A flowchart process was developed for the use of the Discharge Communication Form. It was implemented as part of the discharge process and faxed with discharge history and physical and/or discharge medication list to designated contact persons at patient's established Outpatient Hemodialysis Provider. Surveys of Outpatient Hemodialysis Clinics were taken three months after implementation.


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