Developing a Trach Care Video: Improving the Effectiveness of Trach Care Training When Transitioning Patients from the Hospital to Home
Paula Dycus, DNP, RN, CPHQ, NEA-BC                          
Administrative Director of Professional Practice & Research - Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

In order to decrease the number of preventable deaths at home due to trach issues, the two purposes of this project were to: (1) define a clear process for parent/caregiver trach care education, and (2) develop a teaching video. Approximately 50 new tracheotomies are performed annually at Le Bonheur Childrenā€™s. We identified an increase in the number of preventable deaths in these patients within 6 months of discharge home. Upon investigation, we discovered there was no clear process for educating parents/caregivers. Standardization of processes leads to positive outcomes for patients. Although this project was conducted in a pediatric hospital for new trach patients, the process can be utilized for a variety of patient populations.



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