Developing Clinical Nurses as Leaders at the Bedside: Accountability and Responding to the Challenges for Today and Tomorrow.
Allyson Moore Murry, MSN, RN, CNML               
Associate Director - Nursing Institute of the MidSouth
Paula Spears, DNSc, RN, NEA-BC
Executive Director - Nursing Institute of the MidSouth

Project goal was to develop competencies of individual nurses and nurse teams that lead to quality patient-centered care and a practice culture change for performance excellence. Enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of nurses in the management of complex existing and emerging health care systems in order to adequately practice in ever-changing interdisciplinary environments. The program foundation is a six-month instructional curriculum including five workshops and direct on-site coaching for maximum application of concepts. Each workshop provides a variety of learning strategies with activities that involve the participant in active learning. The program also utilizes a variety of learning activities to apply learning in the workplace. Specifically and uniquely the on-site coaching achieves learning application and builds the capacity and achievement of quality unit level performance.


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