Correlation of Scott Triggers and Perioperative Homeostasis Indicators (PHI): Arthroplasty (total hip and total knee) and Spinal Fusion Surgery Patients
Leslie Dunlap                                                                
OR Manager - Baptist Memorial Hospital - Collierville

Determine whether an evidence-based cellular level environment assessment process could be created by integrating factors that affect the cell: perioperative homeostatic indicators and risk for pressure development. The Scott Triggers are a set of nurse-designed evidence-based factors (age 62 or older, Albumin level below 3.5 and ASA score 3 or greater, and Surgery over 180 minutes or 3 hours [surgery time is calculated from time in the OR until time out]) identified as predictors of highest risk for perioperative pressure ulcer development. Perioperative Homeostasis Indicators (PHI) (blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature) are known to affect perioperative pressure ulcer development. Correlations of the Scott Triggers and PHI findings have not been reported previously.


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