Ensuring that a Growing Healthcare System has Adequate Registered Nurses to Staff all its Entities and Impact Patient Outcomes
Kathryn W. Wilhoit, RN, PhD(c), NEA-BC, FACHE                     wilhoitkw@msha.com
Corporate Vice President - Mountain States Health Alliance
Teresa Shortt-Herbert, RN
Senior Nurse Recruiter - Mountain States Health Alliance

Driven by the Baldridge business model, the health system identifies measures to ensure quality patient outcomes. One such measure is the adequate number of Registered Nurses. The system set a goal to recruit 500 RNs to the 13 hospital system. The poster highlights the successful strategies used to meet their target including participatory planning with all chief nursing officers and entity leaders to set accurate staffing goals, frequent communication and feedback, pre-employment screening profile measure uniformly applied and immediate interview with daily follow up between and among recruiters and the nurse leaders.


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